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Security in telematics

A year ago I got involved in a project with the purpose of examining a telematics solution for one of our clients. The project got me interested and I wanted to learn more – what is the current status in the field? I have a professional history within telecommunications and that made the threshold pretty low for me. I’ll guess a MScEE, a few years of telco and then security is a pretty good combo for looking into telematics security 🙂

Anyway, during the summer I collected a lot of material on the subject and when our annual internal conference was announced the subject for my presentation was an easy choice. One “Best Presentation 2012” – award, two internal reruns, one presentation for a customer and two presentations at conferences later I can look back on an interesting couple of months – and I am just getting started. Another presentation (at the New York University during Omegapoint 10 year anniversary conference) is scheduled and another customer presentation is being planned – great fun!

The remarkable thing is that the presentation is really only on an overview level – still can’t really understand all the interest. There is  a lot to learn and I really would like to get my hands on some hardware in order to be able to perform some REAL testing 🙂

Meanwhile there is still a lot of papers to read.

For those interested in the presentation, there is no audio or video but I have uploaded slide deck to slideshare – links available on the downloads page


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