personal thoughts and projects in security


Gentlemen, start your engines
OWASP Sweden, May 14 2012 slideshare
ISACA Scandinavian Conference, April 23-24 2012 slideshare

Who Are You / RFC 6749 et alia / OAuth2
OPKoKo-12.2, September 21-22 2012 slideshare
OPKoKo-13.1, May 3-4 2013 slideshare
Chalmers, Guest Lecturer, Language Based Security, May 14 2013 (slideshare)

OPKoKo-13.2, October 11-12 2013 (slideshare)

Introduction to SDR
OPKoKo-13.2, October 11-12 2013 (slideshare)



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